Logan Martin

Operations Manager/Oversees County Site Operations 


Logan Martin has been an integral part of our organization since the 1980s, actively involved in various roles that encompassed coaching customers, delivering continuous support, and successfully adapting to evolving state changes. As he progressed to the position of operations manager, Logan efficiently supervised the contracts held by Junction Five-O-Five. It’s worth noting that several long-term contracts established during his tenure continue to employ customers who are currently being served by Junction Five-O-Five.

Logan can be located at any of the county sites managed by Junction Five-O-Five. You may find him playing a beautiful melody on the piano at the office, or engaging in discussions with us in our offices. He shares valuable insights on adapting to changes in policies and regulations over the years, emphasizing our unwavering commitment to serving our customers and ensuring the smooth operation of our jobs. Logan’s contributions have been immeasurable, providing invaluable perspectives. 

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